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Accessories – Sealers and Cleaners

STONESAVER® Paving Stone Sealer

STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer provides the best possible protection for your paving stones and exposed aggregate concrete against harsh pool chemicals, colour fading from UV rays, dirt, salt, grease, oil and rust stain penetration. STONESAVER Paving Stone Sealer protects new surfaces and makes old stones look new again with dramatically enhanced colors.

  • Highest Acrylic Solids / Premium long-lasting protection
  • Gives wet look / High Gloss
  • Protects against oil, salt and dirt
  • Restores and enhances colour
  • Will not peel and wears evenly


Available in 3.78 and 5 Gallon sizes

STONESAVER® Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep

STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep for Paving Stones and Concrete is formulated to remove efflorescence (white salt deposits), dirt and tire marks from your paving stone and any concrete surface. STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep contains no muriatic or hydrochloric acids which can damage concrete surfaces. The proper removal of dirt and efflorescence is imperative to ensure sealer to surface bonding and enhance the surface colour prior to sealer application. STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep comes complete with the "E-Z SPRAYER" Water Hose Adapter, which automatically dilutes and disperses this highly concentrated cleaner at a ratio of 20 parts water to 1 part cleaner. This eliminates chemical mixing procedures and the need for costly professional equipment or the inconvenience of using heavy jug dispensers.

  • Cleans Dirt, Efflorescence & Tire Tracks
  • Will not harm Concrete Surfaces
  • Ensures proper Sealer to surface bonding
  • Complete with "E-Z SPRAYER" (automatic water hose adapter) for easy application

STONESAVER® Rust Cleaner

STONESAVER Rust Cleaner for Paving Stones and Concrete will quickly and effectively remove rust stains with minimal etching or discoloration to the surface.

STONESAVER® Citrus Oil Degreaser

STONESAVER Citrus Oil Degreaser for Paving Stones and Concrete is a unique blend of concentrated citrus extracts (oils of orange, lemon, lime etc.) and emulsifiers making it one of the most effective oil and grease stain removers available.


STONESAVER Stripper is a fast and effective way to remove paint, tar, rubber or chewing gum from concrete, masonry, metal, aluminum and wood surfaces.


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