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Thermowall® Systems

Build on a functional and aesthetic wall system.

Precast concrete insulated Thermowall® panels provide a functional and aesthetic wall system. The panels consist of two conventionally reinforced or prestressed concrete wythes with a continuous layer of rigid insulation (typically extruded polystyrene) sandwiched between the two wythes. The Thermowall® panels are available in a wide range of widths, lengths, thicknesses and with many available exterior finishes. Standard modularized panels provide speed and economy, and custom panels can be produced for a variety of special applications. The insulated panels offer many benefits because of their intrinsic construction.

Benefits of Our System

Energy Efficient

Precast insulated panels have superior insulating properties - the type and thickness of rigid insulation contained in sandwich panels can vary with the thermal requirements of the building.

  • The thickness of the insulation will be determined by the thermal characteristics of the insulating material and the thermal loads on the structure.
  • A minimum insulation thickness of 25 mm is recommended with no limitation on maximum thickness.
  • Insulation values are available from R5 (RSI-0.88) to R40 (RSI-7.0) or greater to suit project requirements.
  • The insulation is installed under controlled factory conditions and is well protected by the concrete, once cured.
  • The panel's excellent thermal mass characteristics are unmatched by any other material.
  • Consult CPCI members for standard or custom insulation configurations.

Long Life

Durable precast concrete construction is available in a variety of pleasing, low maintenance, aesthetic finishes.

  • Normal concrete strength is 35 MPa.
  • Low maintenance requirements of precast means savings over the entire life of a structure.
  • The rigid insulation is protected in the panel and retains its R-value over time. The solid precast sandwich panel exterior and interior wythes prevent settling or shifting that could reduce thermal efficiency.


  • Panels are plant-produced under factory controlled conditions.
  • Panels have attractive exterior surfaces and have hard and optionally smooth interior surfaces (ready for paint).
  • Precast insulated panels are a cost effective, energy efficient, durable, strong, and fire resistant cladding system.
  • Panels allow for easy removal and reuse in building expansion or adaptation to new uses during the life of a structure.
  • Panels can be used in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications.

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