Free Lunch & Learn with Central Precast

Free Lunch & Learn with Central Precast

Central Precast is offering FREE Lunch & Learns for architectural and engineering firms, utility companies, and municipalities who want to explore the benefits of using precast concrete structures. Precast concrete offers superior durability, strength, and fire resistance, resulting in economical and practical structures for applications as wide-ranging as communications, energy, military, parks & recreation, restrooms, RTU, schools, secured installations, transportation, utilities, water & waste. Precast concrete also offers great versatility, in that it can be cast in almost any colour, form, or texture, with finishes like anti-graffiti sealer.

During the presentation, architects, engineers, consultants, and project managers will have the opportunity to see real-life examples of the applications and capabilities of the Central Precast products, including: Modular buildings; architectural, Thermowall®, and structural panels; indoor and outdoor bleachers; site furnishings; and steps and stairs.

The sessions are interactive, with plenty of time for questions about individual markets, sizes, styles, and prices. Each session lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and includes free food and refreshments. Sessions are available throughout Ontario.

Products include bollards, benches, litter bins, bicycle racks, tree grates, and planters. Alongside versatile and durable concrete products, Bellitalia has a range of marble aggregates which are rich in colour, texture, and finish, adding sophistication to city scapes. The organic line offers colourful, durable and elegant designs, while Ultrasense ConcreteⓇ is an innovative new concrete formula, making it possible to push design to increasingly complex forms. Ranges also include combinations of concrete with steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and wood for ultimate versatility.

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