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Central Precast Products Ltd. Began with Luigi Mion and his partner Dino Venier making precast steps in an unheated garage on Preston Street for Ottawa’s housing developers Campeau and Minto; the two largest at the time.


The two moved from that garage to a small factory on St Laurent Blvd in Ottawa’s east end. The original factory on St. Laurent Blvd. is still standing to this day.


Central Precast moved to its existing location on Bongard Ave. At the time, this factory housed the pole manufacturing, manhole production and the introduction of precast panel production, all under one roof.


Luigi buys out his partner and embarks on separating and growing the precast production to what it is today.


Central Precast becomes one of the first companies in Canada to purchase a high-quality Zenith paver production machine from Germany. This was the start of Central Precast’s line of landscaping products, back then called Best Lok Pavers.


Central Precast expanded its manufacturing operations with the construction of a 35,000 sq. ft plant to produce spun concrete utility poles. This facility, which now operates as Utility Structures Inc. (USI) is located adjacent to the original production facility in Ottawa. The plant has since doubled in size to 70,000 square feet and has expanded its product line to include: utility products, transformer bases, MTO manholes, and pole bases.


With the help of Luigi's brother, Gustavo Mion, Central Precast expanded further by building Eastern Ontario’s largest concrete pipe and manhole plant. This 104,000 sq. ft. plant, located in Carp, Ontario operates under the name M CON Products. This facility focuses on the sewer and water main industry and manufacturers: precast manholes, catch basins, concrete pipe, and box culverts while also being one of the largest Stone Strong retaining wall producers in Ontario.


Luigi transitioned the daily operations of the businesses to his two sons John and Rudy who operated the companies together until 2018. Luigi went on to pursue his passion for philanthropic and volunteer work in the Ottawa community and continued as an advisor for The Precast Group until his passing in 2012.


Central Precast continues expansion in the landscaping sector with the formation of Northcast: A state of the art production facility that housed a fully integrated and automated OCEM press from Italy, a production line for the manufacture of high-end slabs. This was the first fully automated production lines for paving stones in Canada and allowed Central Precast to manufacture paving tiles and pavers, in a variety of colours and finishes. Central Precast continued production until the sale of the facility in 2005.


A second location, M CON Pipe is opened in Ayr, Ontario bringing the same quality manhole and pipe products to Western Ontario while continuing to expand both the production facilities and product lines of M CON Products to keep up with the needs of the growing Ottawa market.


John parts with M CON Pipe; focusing on the three facilities in Ottawa, Central Precast, M CON Products and USI. With John solely at the helm of The Precast Group, and a visionary like his father, John brings in an advisory board and begins laying out the groundwork for the next generation of industry leaders and the expected future growth of the group of companies.


The Precast Group is currently preparing for the next phase of growth; and the introduction of its third generation of industry leaders. We believe by empowering employees of all levels of the operation and including them in the planning and direction of the companies they will become more engaged.


Central Precast is awarded Project Serpico, a massive Amazon warehouse in Coteau-du-Lac, QC. The largest precast panel project in the 65-year history of the company, Central Precast manufactured, delivered, and installed over 650 panels in just 4 months covering over 125,000 sq ft. of precast.


To further its growth, and to capitalize on the growing market outside of Ottawa. Central Precast expands its landscaping sector by acquiring a 23-acre facility in Ottawa’s West end which will act as a major distribution yard for the expected growth in the landscape market.
Plant and Office - Central Precast

Central Precast is committed to providing quality products and offering exceptional service to our customers. Established in 1956, Central Precast Inc. began manufacturing precast concrete products for the general construction industry. The product line and manufacturing facility grew to include; landscape, utility products, manholes, concrete poles, steps, barriers, and architectural panels. As the product line expanded, new companies were formed to focus on their specific industries, and The Precast Group was formed. Central Precast is centrally located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where it has a 55,000 square foot, CSA certified production facility. This plant includes fully automated batching systems, casting beds for architectural and prestressed panels which are used in high rise, warehouse and box store applications.

Central Precast Inc. is a C.S.A. certified manufacturer of precast concrete products. For over 65 years, we have proudly built our reputation on superior customer service and product quality. Through constant product diversification and continued investment in the latest production equipment, we have remained at the forefront of our industry.

Central Precast, along with its affiliates, form the Precast Group of Companies. Together we are the largest and most diversified producers of precast concrete products in Ontario, supplying all facets of the construction industry.

Central Precast Inc. is a proud member of the following associations.

Canadian Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute

CLAEO – Commercial Landscape Association of Eastern Ontario

Landscape Ontario

National Capital Heavy Construction Association

Ottawa Construction Association