Central Precast Attracts Students at OCA Construction Symposium

Central Precast Attracts Students at OCA Construction Symposium

During the OCA 2020 Construction Symposium and Trade Show last month, Central Precast had the opportunity to engage with a tremendous number of students interested in careers in construction. Many students visited Central Precast’s booth, keen to know more about the company, the products we manufacture and our process. Central Precast was able to speak with students about Co-op positions post-graduation. Students from all types of educational streams submitted their resumes and the company will soon welcome them to come and learn hands on in our factory. The OCA made a concerted effort to focus on youth engagement, setting up a dedicated bay where students could get their hands on trials from electrical, masonry, taping and mudding, carpentry, and lifting systems.

As usual, visitors to Central Precast’s booth were impressed by the aesthetics, beauty and quality of Bellitalia’s site furnishings.  Again, the Alba bench drew much attention – on first sight it looks to be a lightweight bench but when people try and lift it they realize it is manufactured from concrete, making it functional, sturdy and elegant. 

Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, came out to open up the well-attended Symposium. Central Precast was a Reception Bar sponsor at the event, providing the opportunity for those in construction to network during the cocktail hour. One highlight of the OCA Trade Show was the program of incredible talks and seminars, including speakers Kevin Skinner, Michael Waters and Graham Bird’s talk on “Ottawa 2020 – One Million and Beyond” which gave insight into the next decade of plans and expansions for our city. Cameron Love and Joanne Read provided a “Project Profile on Ottawa Hospital’s Replacement $2 Billion Civic Campus” about the planned expansion of our Civic Hospital Campus. Mark Nesbitt spoke on “How to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Employees.” All the presentations demonstrated the continuous expansion of our city and the many openings there are for the upcoming generation in trades. It is reassuring to know that the trades are alive and well. They are continuing to grow and remain in high demand.

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