Plan your Landscaping Project at Central Precast’s Outdoor Display

Plan your Landscaping Project at Central Precast’s Outdoor Display

Come visit our social-distancing-friendly outdoor display and start planning your summer landscaping projects! View the latest Permacon and TechoBloc, Browns, Oaks and Bellitalia landscaping products. Have questions? Contact us anytime – we’re here to help.


For over sixty years Permacon has been a pioneer, innovator and champion of growth as Canada’s largest producer of concrete products. Permacon offers the freedom to choose the colours, formats, shapes and textures between every element of your project and its surroundings. View products like the entire Mondrian Collection, Rosebel Slabs and Melville Pavers and many more on our rack displays!

Pick up a FREE Permacon catalogue from the display stand in the Permacon section of our outdoor display.

Up close and personal with the Mondrian 60/80 Slab in Norvick Grey.


Techo-Bloc is known for elevating exterior design by creating landscape stones that push the boundaries of functionality and durability, setting the foundation for a perfect paver. Designed in a variety of shapes, finishes, and colors to harmonize with any architectural style, Techo-Bloc’s inspiring paving stones will help you achieve your design dreams. View products like Blu Collection, Eva, Mista Pavers and many more on our rack displays!

Pick up a FREE Techo-Bloc catalogue from the display stand in the Techo Bloc section of our outdoor display.

Close up with the Aberdeen Slab in Rock Garden Brown.


Oaks Landscape Products are manufactured from locally sourced, natural materials that are durable and long-lasting.



Brown’s Concrete Products Limited manufactures a complete line of concrete blocks, concrete paving stones, segmented retaining wall units and other fine concrete items.



Bellitalia is the most established, dynamic and original Italian company operating in the field of urban concrete and marble aggregate. The company was born in the ’60s as a leader in the field of cement for construction.  Central Precast is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Bellitalia products in Canada.  Contact us today for more information about incorporating Bellitalia products into your design!

Concrete can be comfy! Bellitalia’s Cuddly Bench and Table in front of the Saturno Planter. Try it out yourself!

Close up details of the elegant, polished White Granite finish on the Saturno Planter. Yes, this is concrete!

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