Create a Stunning Outdoor Fireplace with Techo-Bloc

Create a Stunning Outdoor Fireplace with Techo-Bloc

When it comes to your backyard reno, a fireplace is a stunning addition. Not only does it provide the practicality of a warm place to gather or cook food, but it can be a landscaping feature in its own right. Let these design ideas from Techo-Bloc inspire you.

Consider adding stones to your fire feature. Using different sizes, textures and colours provides visual interest and creates a fireplace which is aesthetically pleasing in its own right, whether it’s being used or not.

Fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes. Consider what would work best with the space you have. Don’t forget to plan your seating; stone walls, slabs and pavers make attractive and durable benches, and they can be softened with cushions and throws.

A round fireplace is visually stunning and can form an oasis. Think about choosing a mixture of sizes and colours for your pavers and slabs. This will create an area which is differentiated from the rest of your backyard.

Make your outdoor kitchen a show stopper with a BBQ, an oven and prep space. What better place to enjoy your meals during the summer months?

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