How to Create a Patio with Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

How to Create a Patio with Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

As we transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3 in Ontario, businesses are keen to reopen. Customers are equally keen to support local restaurants and shops, and get out and about. Obviously we need to do so safely and in accordance with Provincial guidelines. Ottawa businesses are finding creative ways to do this. For example, restaurants and bars are creating or extending their patios, and the City has supported them by shutting some downtown streets to vehicular traffic. Many retail shops are also creating waiting areas outside their doors.

For contractors and business owners, this raises the question, “How do we quickly and affordably create patios and exterior line-up areas while also looking professional, and maintaining as much greenery as possible?”

Precast Concrete Site furnishings represent an excellent solution for many reasons. 

Four Advantages of Precast Concrete Site Furnishings

  • Sturdy: they’re not easily moved by the public or inclement weather such as high winds.
  • Long lasting: being made from concrete, you can reuse these furnishings next spring.
  • Varied: with a variety of finishes, colour and textures, you can match the furnishings to the look and feel of your building. It also allows you to extend your brand outside the doors of your establishment.
  • Eco-friendly: furnishings like planters are a great way of creating a border for your patio while also contributing to an attractive downtown area and increasing the amount of greenery in our city.

Concrete site furnishings include items like planters, benches and parking curbs – elements you may not consider as your typical boundary markers. However, when it comes to extending your business outside and maintaining an attractive and eco-friendly space for the public, they could be just the addition to your restaurant, cafe or storefront. If you’re stuck for inspiration, read on for some innovative ways to use these furnishings in a different way to their original purpose.

Parking Curbs, Planters and Benches

Don’t just think ‘parking spaces’ when you think of parking curbs. These could be used to indicate 2 metre distances for a waiting area, or as a low-profile boundary for your patio. They come in many colours so you can make them stand out for increased pedestrian safety, or use them to brand your business.

Planters and Benches are big enough to prevent cars passing through, but have a dual purpose. Somewhere for people to rest, or a spot to add flowers or greenery. See how we used benches to elevate the design of Wateridge Village Park. All of these furnishings are customizable so we can create the perfect shape for awkward or large areas, just like we did for Ottawa Light Rail.

We make these furnishings in-house, meaning they’re an affordable option. They’re also incredibly versatile with a range of colours, textures and finishes.

Security bollards 

These are useful for downtown patios since a lot of them face onto a roadway and the public is still getting used to the idea of more of the walkways being taken up by patios. We need to balance pedestrian safety with the desire to keep the economy going and this is a great way to do that.

Bellitalia Urban Furniture

If you’re looking to make a statement you could go all out and create an iconic, sleek new exterior for your business with Bellitalia’s range. They specialize in lightweight concrete urban furniture with aesthetically pleasing finishes and looks on their benches, planters and waste receptacles. Your business will definitely stand out!

If you’re wondering how to cordon off your patio, or you need a custom product, contact us. We’d be happy to help.