Three ways to extend your outdoor space all year

Three ways to extend your outdoor space all year

With continued COVID-19 restrictions in place, we are all being forced to be creative about how to safely meet with family and close friends; many of us find ourselves using our backyards, porches and patios more. Maybe you renovated your outdoor living space this summer. It would be a shame to have to cover up your new furniture and hard work as winter approaches and be stuck inside for months. Well, you don’t have to. You can extend the use of your backyard into the cooler months with some simple additions. Read on for three upgrades you can make so you can enjoy your outdoor space well into winter.

1. Install a Fireplace

As well as providing warmth on a cold night, the addition of a fireplace creates ambiance and a sense of coziness. Depending on the style of fireplace you opt for, it can also be a place for family to gather and toast marshmallows. Who said S’mores were only for summer camping trips? With hundreds of designs available, there’s something to suit your taste and budget.

Fireplace Kits for ultimate convenience

Take the stress away from designing your backyard by going with a fireplace kit which comes with all the necessary products and quantities for your fireplace. With these kits from Techo Bloc, there’s no planning, cutting, or questions about how best to match or contrast caps and walls. They include the firepit, caps and metal insert. You can choose from best sellers like the Brandon, Prescott, Raffinato, or Valencia product line.

A style to suit you 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create your own fireplace in the size and shape you want. The stunning Borealis Wall range gives a rustic look with its barn wood finish. 

For more of a modern, statement piece, go for the Graphix Wall.

2. Create Shelter

Installing a new wall will protect your backyard from wind and the winter elements. It has the added benefit of making your outdoor space feel more cozy too. You can also use walls, borders and enclosures to create distinct, seasonal areas. Maybe you just focus on updating a small area of your backyard, close to the door, to create an outdoor ‘snug’ where you can settle in with a warm drink of an evening.

The new Artex Panel System from Permacon is a two-unit design with thousands of combinations. It allows you to come up with a multitude of landscape creations such as a bench, flower box, a partition, or an outdoor fireplace. The result is a modern look in your backyard.

Permacon has plenty of other Walls to suit your aesthetic.

The elegant and modern Solis Tandem Next Wall:

The City Collection:

3. Brighten your space

As the evenings get darker earlier, well-chosen lighting will extend the use of your garden and outdoor areas well into the night. It’s actually one of the most important elements to consider when designing a space. Lighting also creates stunning ambiance, and highlights the textures and colours of the walls as well as the surrounding plants. You’d miss all of this without strategic lighting. It affects the mood of the space and can transform the impression of the space or size.

Most of the lights we offer can be added to any wall or cap unit, making this a quick and easy upgrade as you prepare your outdoor space for winter.

Whatever the size and shape of your porch, patio or backyard, there are plenty of options to add warmth, shelter and ambiance to your space so that you can enjoy it even in the cooler months.

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