Enbridge Enjoys Tour of Central Precast

Enbridge Enjoys Tour of Central Precast

Central Precast was delighted to welcome local customer, Enbridge, to their Ottawa facility for a Plant Tour on February 13, 2020, before we were forced into lockdown and in-person tours had to be suspended. Central Precast hosted ten employees for the special event, which included dinner at Chops the night before, a lunch and learn, plant tours of both Central Precast and Utility Structures Inc. (USI), followed by a Sens hockey game. Enbridge’s team was impressed by the size and nature of Central Precast’s projects, the wide range of products available, and the many uses of precast concrete. In particular, Enbridge’s staff had the opportunity to learn about Central Precast’s modular buildings, which offer highly secure, low maintenance, environmentally friendly buildings for equipment storage, boilers, waste-water receiving stations, restrooms or maintenance rooms. The buildings also represent efficiencies in time and budget, since the precast structures arrive on site ready to install, reducing installation time to 1-4 days, compared to the month or more it would take to complete a brick building. Enbridge was also shown items like custom planters which can be used in public spaces to ensure their buildings blend with the environment and complement the aesthetics of the location.

One customer commented, “What I’m the most happy to say is that this truly was one of the best site visits I have had. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, from the dinner at Chops, the amazingly educational tour of your locations, the delicious full Italian lunch … and last but not least, the super fun hockey game. I love what I do, but it’s because I get to meet wonderful people like you. You ought to be very, very proud of what you have created.”

“We’ve worked with Enbridge for many years so we wanted to create an opportunity for their employees to get to know the team at Central Precast in a social context,” said Carlo L. Mion. “We also wanted to demonstrate the huge versatility offered by modular buildings with colour, size, texture, finishes, and introduce them to our Architectural Wall Panels, Thermowall® systems for improved insulation, and Structural (Loadbearing) Wall Systems. We were delighted with the positive feedback Enbridge gave us and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

During the presentation and tour, Central Precast gave a history of the Precast Group’s 64 years of business and the development of three companies within the group: M CON Products, USI and Central Precast. Enbridge saw the history of the large-scaled nature of projects completed for customers and also many of the projects they’ve partnered on together.

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