Transform Your Backyard with a Pool and Lounge

Transform Your Backyard with a Pool and Lounge

Whether you have a large or small area, installing an outdoor pool in your backyard is an excellent way to create a welcoming oasis for family and guests. When you add a lounge area as well, you take the whole experience to another level, transforming it into an exclusive retreat where everyone has space for fun and relaxation. Additions like this mean you’ll be able to make better use of every corner of your backyard. There are plenty of ways to integrate pools into your landscape design, from dipping pools to semi/above ground ones, hot tubs, and even lap pools. Take inspiration from some of the stunning landscaping products we have on offer from our leading suppliers.

Consider the location. Your design can blend in with your surroundings and bring the landscape into your own backyard.

Permacon City Slab and City Capping Modules in Sterling Grey
Permacon Rosebel Slabs in Margaux Beige

Adding shaded poolside seating or a lounge area gives a spot to cool off during the summer heat.

Techo Bloc Raffinato Wall in Greyed Nickel – Onyx Black, Raffinato Cap in Greyed Nickel, Blu Slab in Greyed Nickel – Raffinato Step in Greyed Nickel
Permacon Mega Melville Slabs and Melville Wall in Scandina Grey with Rockland Black Insert, Mellville Capping Modules and Step in Rockland

Waterfall features create a spa-like environment for the ultimate relaxing experience. They soothe the senses both in terms of visuals and sound.

Permacon Lamina Next Wall in Rockland Black, Melville Capping Modules in Scandina Grey
Permacon Melville 60 Slabs in Scandina Grey with Rockland Black Insert, Melville Capping Modules in Rockland Black and Mega Melville Slab in Scandina Grey

Consider the different users of your outdoor space: children, parents, guests. Create distinct areas with hot tubs, dipping pools, or seating. Pavers, slabs and walls help separate your backyard visually.

Techo Bloc Para Slab and Raffinato Cap in Greyed Nickel
Techo Bloc Everest Slab in Greyed Nickel

Cater to the seasons by incorporating a fire pit, making your space universally enjoyable during different temperatures.

Techo Bloc Hexa Paver Shale Grey

You don’t have to get on a plane to escape. If you’re craving a break from the day-to-day, a pool or lounge area will transform your own backyard into a destination. And the best thing is that you can design it to suit your tastes: modern, whimsical, luxury, boutique … there are hundreds of styles to choose from with our wide range of suppliers. This is just a glimpse of the looks you can create. Contact us to see the full range of landscape products.