Discover the Recycled Interlocking Block

Discover the Recycled Interlocking Block

Central Precast has launched a new precast concrete stock item called Lok Block. The block, measuring 610mm x 1220mm x 610mm (2’ x 4’ x 2’), is an affordable, easy solution for commercial and residential projects. It features voids on the bottom and nibs on top so that the blocks can lock together. There is also a lifting hook cast on top for ease of installation and movement. Central Precast opted to fabricate the block from waste concrete in order to minimize environmental impact while providing lower-cost products for their customers. Other uses include aggregate bins, parking lots, barriers, or any kind of separation wall. The Lok Block will be a stock item available for purchase at Central Precast’s yard.

The Lok Block, being a precast concrete product, offers a lower-priced alternative to costly cast-in-place concrete. The blocks are simple, quick, and safe to assemble, and can easily be moved if needed. This makes them suited to both temporary and permanent applications. The block, currently available in one style only, will also be produced by sister-company M CON Products.

Lok Block Specifications

  • Dimensions: 610mm x 1220mm x 610mm (2’ x 4’ x 2’)
  • Unit weight: 1,091 kg (2,400 lbs)




  1. This is not considered an architectural product. While the Lok Block can be used for walls, it is not engineered so we cannot recommend a maximum height for retaining walls. 
  2. Seeing as it is manufactured from leftover concrete, the blocks can be expected to have discolouration, form liner oil stains, and other imperfections.