AY Jackson Secondary School Tours Central Precast Plant

AY Jackson Secondary School Tours Central Precast Plant

After a temporary pause brought on by the pandemic, Central Precast was pleased to resume plant tours. We invited 30 students from AY Jackson Secondary School to our Ottawa location in an effort to expose the future generation to concrete. A sit-down presentation about our business and precast concrete in general was given to them when they arrived by our Technical Sales and Estimator, Stefano Mion.

The students were then separated into groups and given a tour of our production facility where they could watch the assembly of precast concrete panels. They had the opportunity to experience the concrete pouring process for an architectural precast panel, which began with the insertion of hardware and continued with vibrating and finishing.

After the demonstration, we set out all of our materials so that they could interact with and explore a wide range of aggregate styles, hardware types, and product forms firsthand. Then, they braved the rain and took a walk in our yard to view the finished products.

“The students and I were very impressed on all what goes on in the plant. For many of them it was their first time in an industrial situation. Great experiences for us all.” Trevor, Teacher at AY Jackson Secondary School

The purpose of these plant tours is to educate and motivate the future generation about the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry and we hope this inspired a few. Making something that will last for future generations is intriguing, and we look forward to hosting many more of these in the future. Contact us today to book your tour.