Amazon Fulfillment Centre




Ottawa, ON



Fall 2018


Contractor: Broccolini Construction
Engineer: McIntosh Perry
Architect: Ware Malcomb


Upon being approached to provide precast services, our company was selected through a successful competitive bidding process to supply precast concrete panels for the construction of YOW1 - the first Amazon Fulfillment Centre, with over 1 million sq. ft. and was the largest industrial facility ever built in the National Capital Region. The project's primary goal was to build a solid and energy-efficient shell for the new distribution centre, and our precast insulated wall panels were the ideal choice to fulfill this need. The panels consisted of full-height precast concrete wall panels for the building's corners and entrance, as well as double-wythe insulated wall panels for the lower level. These panels were made with a standard grey concrete mix and had a medium sandblast finish, making them ready for painting on-site. To meet the tight deadline for the building's completion, we partnered with another manufacturer to manufacture and install the precast panels. This successful collaboration allowed us to work efficiently and effectively while ensuring the installation process met all necessary quality standards. In total, over 600 precast panels were installed with a fast-track construction schedule of 16 to 20 panels installed per day, enabling the building to be completed within the required timeframe. The selection of precast concrete panels and the quick installation process played a vital role in achieving the project's goals, creating a durable and thermally efficient envelope for the new distribution centre.