Everything for Your Landscape: Meet our Suppliers

Everything for Your Landscape: Meet our Suppliers

Central Precast’s knowledge and history in the architectural landscape industry goes way back to the start of the 80’s, where it was once a leading manufacturer. Central Precast was one of the first companies in Canada to purchase high-quality paver production equipment from Germany. This was the start of Central Precast’s line of landscaping products, back then called Best Lock Pavers. 

In response to the high demand for these pavers, Central Precast continued its expansion in the landscaping sector in 1996 with the formation of Northcast: A state of the art production facility that housed a fully integrated and automated OCEM press, production line, for the manufacture of high end slabs, as well as the first fully automated production lines for paving stones in Canada with three days of indoor production storage capacity. This allowed Central Precast to manufacture paving tiles and pavers, in a variety of colours and finishes. Central Precast continued production until the sale of the facility in 2005. CP is now eastern Ontario’s leading distributor of landscaping products from a variety of leading suppliers.

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Our first supplier since 2005

With 65 years of know-how and innovation, Permacon has long been a trendsetter that brings innovation to life. Their experts commit themselves every day to offering products that will align with your life and your space, but above all, exceed the expectations of the most demanding consumers, architects and contractors. Whether by redefining the industry or introducing best practices, Permacon always pushes the market forward. For Permacon, beauty is always a matter of harmony, refinement, elegance and clean lines. All products are made with passion and pride in Canada to meet the needs of their customers.




With over 30 years of business, Techo-Bloc has empowered designers, contractors and homeowners with the colours, textures, patterns, design ideas and support to create statement-making spaces outdoors. However, it’s their creative vision and bold aesthetics which have allowed them to build an incredible community of like-minded individuals who are redefining what is expected of outdoor design. Techo-Bloc works every day to impress, surpass industry standards and push the envelope beyond existing options for your outdoor space. They work to create products that never leave any homeowner, contractor or designer feeling “stuck” with their options. Let us help you get started on creating your dream oasis with Techo-Bloc products!




Established in 1907, Brown was the first manufacturer of concrete products in the Sudbury area. Brown’s Concrete Products Limited manufactures a complete line of concrete blocks, concrete paving stones, segmented retaining wall units and other fine concrete items. Brown’s Concrete takes quality seriously, both as a basic requirement and as a matter of pride. Independent testing laboratories select random samples of our products to ensure that each test is indicative of standard production runs. Every Brown’s Concrete product comes with an assurance of quality as strong as the product itself.




Oaks Landscape Products offers many great interlocking paver options at affordable prices. Oaks’ pavers are precision engineered with high density factors that create durable and appealing outdoor living spaces. Their products are built to withstand the scorching heat, freezing cold and everything in between. Get a full appreciation for these pavers by visiting our display boards to see the products in person!



New to Central Precast’s supplier lineup is Rinox. Since its founding in 1997, Rinox Inc has invested ambitiously in a research and development program to create products for landscaping, masonry, and interior design that offer both prestige and performance. Their mission is to continuously innovate and regularly introduce new Landscaping, Masonry and Alternative Masonry products. Rinox products are made in Canada and accredited by the Well Made Here seal. This program encourages the purchase of quality building materials and other items manufactured in Canada which are intended for the residential market. Known for their avant-garde products, Rinox is committed to the mission of constantly responding to the evolution of trends in the market. Satisfying the needs of their clients and offering exclusive high end products are priorities for the concrete products manufacturer.

With its long history of sourcing high quality landscape products, Central Precast is your go-to location when it comes to renovating your outdoor area this spring and summer. We can even advise you on how to create a stunning landscape project and how to extend your outdoor space all year round. Come and visit us today.