William Rose Park


Town of Oakville


Oakville, ON


Modular Buildings


Summer 2019


Contractor: Aldershot Landscape Contractors
Engineer: Lakeland Engineering


With one of North Oakville’s new housing developments came a spacious four-acre park. The town needed a washroom building installed which would stand the test of time but blend into the surroundings. Our precast modular building more than met their needs, offering three separate spaces: two areas to house washrooms, and one for a utility room. We engineered, fabricated and installed the building, with production taking just under two weeks, and installation only two days, including staining and doors.

The panels were stained to match the client’s desired look. The bottom wall panels consist of a simulated stone pattern, stained in three colors. The top portion is a simulated vertical wood siding stained with four colors to create a strikingly wood-like appearance. The top and bottom portions are divided by a horizontal band made to look like a sill, and the roof panels have a simulated metal finish which is stained red to perfectly complement the park’s red accents. The City and residents are equally pleased with the practical, attractive addition to their park.

Modular Buildings